Respirator Selection (Long Version)


Persons who wear a respirator must be trained and authorized by the company. They must know how to put on and take off the respirator. The selection and fit of the respirator must be comfortable for the wearer. This program will discuss the various types of respirators and proper use.

  • If you're not experienced wearing a respirator, put it on and take it off several times, to become familiar with the process
  • Be sure to adjust the straps each time the respirator is donned
  • While wearing the respirator, check the comfort of the mask, how it fits your face and nose, and proper seal between the mask and your face and cheeks
  • Make sure your chin fits the respirator
  • Move your mouth as if talking to make sure you don't break the seal or fit
  • Before conducting the negative and positive pressure checks, seat the mask on your face and move your head from side to side and up and down, to ensure a stable fit
  • Other topics included in this safety video are: eye protection and good vision, conduct seal checks, facial hair or sideburns, difficulty in breathing, positive pressure seal check, negative pressure test, different types of respirators, filtering respirators, respirator use, limitations of respirator use, routine and emergency uses of respirators, breathing air quality for atmosphere supplying respirators, filtering face piece, SCBA, and respirator maintenance.

    Course Outline

    • Respirator Selection
    • Types of Respirators
    • Filtering Respirators
    • Respirator Use
    • Respirator Limitations
    • Routine and Emergency Uses of Respirators
    • Filtering Face Piece
    • SCBA and Respirator Maintenance
    • Summary

    Runtime: 30 Min.

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