Who We Are

Don Brown, our founder and owner, has dedicated his career to the development and implementation of safety education tools for business and industry. His interest in safety began in 1961 in the US Marine Corps. After a distinguished military career, he retired from the Corps and completed a degree at Pepperdine University. He is also a graduate of both the California OSHA Engineer’s School and the OSHA Compliance Training Institute.

Over the years, Don consulted on, and developed Safety and Work-related illness and risk prevention training programs for many prestigious companies and high profile organizations. In 1985, he formed Don Brown Productions in Anaheim, California. He later relocated to Houston, Texas where he renamed the company Digital 2000, Inc.

Don has been a professional member of The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) since 1972. He is well-known in the industry and highly respected for the depth and breadth of his safety and training knowledge. His unique and comprehensive background has qualified him as an expert witness in Workplace Safety in both California and Federal courts. In 2011, His reputation earned him a coveted invitation from the United Nations, International Labor Organization (ILO), to speak in Geneva, Switzerland about opportunities to utilize online training methodologies to address safety and hygiene education requirements in developing countries.

Don takes great pride in his long-standing customer relationships, many lasting as long as 30 years. He is keenly aware of the changing landscape of business today and the need for quick and immediate turn-key training solutions at reasonable prices. Don also recognizes, that the skills needed to produce quality video-based instruction, are not unlike those needed to produce a variety of other video-based communication tools.

To better reflect the needs of industry, and the current focus of his business, Don recently re-branded the company as D2K. To support his vision of excellence, Don has assembled a full-time staff of like-minded professionals, each with their own unique set of qualifications. Safety, Training and Risk Managers, as well as corporate executives can always count on this team of professionals for engaging, straight-forward and comprehensive content with superior production quality. Whether it is as simple as a single generic instructional video, as complex as a totally customized production, or something in between, D2K is your one-stop-shop.


D2K is a company passionate about video. We are in the business of helping businesses to utilize video based interventions in order to achieve goals and maximize results. We partner with you to identify the video-based solution(s) most appropriate to your unique requirements.

We have three specific product lines:

  • A Safety Video Store from which you can purchase standardized video-based training materials to meet your basic safety and workplace health related training requirements
  • An On-Line Learning Management System which serves as a portal to your company selected video-based training content
  • A Customized In-House Video Production Service which can create anything from training videos to video driven advertising materials and more.

Our customers use our products individually or in tandem to create their best individual business solution. So what is the best solution for you? That’s a great question but some information sharing is probably required before we can give you a good recommendation. We are very interested to hear about your unique situation and of course, we love to talk about ourselves.

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