Emergency Planning Community Right To Know Act - EPCRA

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Emergency Planning Community - Right To Know Act program covers the subtitles, reporting, enforcement and hazardous chemical inventory forms. EPCRA was passed primarily as a means of filling this informational void and improving emergency response capabilities. Also known as Title III of SARA, EPCRA was enacted by Congress as the national legislation on community safety. SARA is the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act. The EPCRA law was designated to help local communities protect public health, safety, and the environment from chemical hazards. To implement EPCRA, Congress requires each state to appoint a State Emergency Response Commission (SERC). The SERCs were required to divide their states into Emergency Planning Districts and to name a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) for each district.

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Course Outline

  • Reporting
  • Enforcement
  • Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Forms
  • Toxic Chemical Release Forms
  • Toxic Release Inventory
  • Reporting

Runtime: 20 Min.

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