Rest Stop Routines

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Working in the trucking industry increases a person's risk for developing musculoskeletal problems and other health problems due to the long hours in the same sedentary position. The work posture required in this industry is forward head and hunched shoulders. This program offers various exercises for specific areas of the body that are affected by sitting for long periods of time in the same position.

Key Words: Rest Stop Routines, Musculoskeletal Problems, Health Problems, Sedentary Position, Muscular Problems, Prolonged Posture, Safety Video, Safety Training, Safety DVD.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Neck Exercises/Stretches
  • Shoulder Exercises/Stretches
  • Chest Exercises/Stretches
  • Upper Back Exercises/Stretches
  • Lower Back/Abdominal Exercises/Stretches
  • Hip/Hamstrings/Quadriceps Exercises/Stretches
  • Ankle/Foot Exercises/Stretches
  • Summary

Runtime: 14 Min.

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