Gas Welding (Waste Management)

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There are safety procedures that must be followed when working with gas welding and cutting operations. Each company is responsible for developing specific guidelines, policies and procedures. Welding or cutting material can be a safe operation if you follow the rules and not take shortcuts. This program focuses on gas welding safety awareness.

Topics included in this safety video are: welding or cutting area, welding temperatures, valve protection caps, mark empty tanks, regulator, green hose, red hose, standard hose connections, inspect the hoses and check them for leaks, fittings, hooking up the cylinders, lighting your welding or cutting torch, shutting off the torch, cracking a cylinder, cleansing agent, acetylene, chromium, fluoride compounds, zinc, reducing exposure to fumes, ultraviolet radiation, and eye protection.

Course Outline

  • Welding and Cutting Areas
  • Gas, Oxygen and Fuel Cylinders
  • Valve and Regulator Settings
  • Hazards in Welding/Cutting Operations

Runtime: 15 Min.

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