Supervisor's Role In Injury Claims

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Supervisor's Role in Injury Claims program will go through the supervisor's responsibilities when an employee is injured. An employee reports an injury to the supervisor, but what steps should you take to professionally manage the injury? Should you send the employee to the nearest medical clinic, do in-house First Aid or fill out an injury claim? What happens after a doctor's visit? What happens to the employee and what paperwork is necessary to ensure proper claim management? There are specific procedures you need to follow, to make sure both the employee and the company are properly protected and that legal and insurance requirements are fulfilled. It's the supervisor's responsibility.

Key Words: Supervisor Role, Injury Claims, Supervisor Responsible When Employee is Injured, Employee Reports an Injury, Send Employee to Medical Clinic, First Aid for Employee, Doctor's Visit, Procedure to Follow by Employee and Company, Legal and Insurance Requirements, Safety Video, Safety Training, Safety DVD.

Runtime: 16 Min.

Course Outline

  • Responsibilities
  • Worker's Compensation Fraud

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