Agriculture Series - Eye Protection

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Eye Protection - Nature has tried to protect the eyes from injury by providing us with a number of built in devices. The eyelashes catch dust and light particles before they can blow into the eye. Eyebrows cushion light blows and catch falling particles before they reach the eye. Tear ducts lubricate the eyes and wash away foreign substances that can get on the eyeballs. Pupils contract to protect the eyes from bright sunlight. Blinking your eyes is a defense mechanism to protect your eyes also. These natural defenses protect the eyes from minor injuries, but they are not sufficient to protect our eyes from heavy exposures that exist in industry today.

Topics covered in this safety video include: chips and grinding particles, splashes of hot metal or other substances, chemicals such as acids, tar, gasoline, diesel fuel, pesticides, street glasses, industrial safety glass prescription lenses, safety glasses, foreign particle in eye, chemical burns, contact lenses.

Course Outline

  • Eye Safety
  • Basic Eye Protection Facts
  • Welding
  • Face Shields
  • First Aid
  • Eye Examination

Runtime: 12 Min.

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