C.Harley - How Far Can You Fly? - Wear Your Seat Belts (Non-Gory)

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C. Harley - Each year, 40,000 people die in car accidents. This is the leading cause of death for persons under age 35. If seat belts were worn, about one-half of this number could have been saved. Rear-facing car seats for children provide significant safety advantages in frontal and side impacts. This program examines what happens in a car crash and reasons why seat belts can help prevent deaths.

Topics included in this safety video are: seat belt safety, tailgating, and cellphones.

Course Outline

  • The Human Collision
  • Wear it Right
  • What's Your Reason For Not wearing a Seat Belt?
  • How to Use the Shoulder Belt
  • Buying a Child Safety Seat

Runtime: 18 Min.

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