CPR 2000 Safety Training Course

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CPR 2000 program covers CPR procedures for infants, children, and adults. CPR may make the difference between life and death. Remember the letters ABC… Airway, Breathing, and Circulation. CPR is a combination of rescue breathing, which provides oxygen to the victim's lungs and chest compressions, which keep the victim's heart circulating oxygenated blood.

Key Words: CPR, Infants, Children, Adults, Risk Factors, Baby's Environment, Early Health, Heart Attack, Brain Attack, Healthy Lifestyle, Safety Video, Safety Training, Safety DVD.


Course Outline

  • Risk Factors of a Heart Attack
  • Heart Attack and Stroke Symptoms
  • Good Samaritan Law
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Saving Lives
  • Review
  • Complications of CPR
  • Infant CPR
  • Infant CPR - Under the age of one
  • Children CPR - Ages 1 to 8 years old
  • Chain of Survival

Runtime: 35 Min.

WITH PURCHASE OF ANY ENGLISH DVD YOU WILL RECEIVE A FREE WRITTEN MATERIAL CD-Rom. The CD-ROM of written materials may include Leaders Guides, Questions and Answers, Manuals, and PowerPoints. Contents vary depending on the program.

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