Earthquake Safety (Automotive)

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To many Californians and others who live in earthquake-prone areas, the word earthquake means fear. What should we do when the windows start to rattle or the chandelier begins to swing slowly back and forth? This program will provide procedures to follow in the event of an earthquake that may save your life.

Topics included in this safety video are: if you are inside when the shaking starts, if you are outside when the shaking begins, driving your car on the freeway, watching a sporting event at your favorite stadium,attending religious services, taking a bath at home, if you're in the kitchen when the shaking starts, if you're eating lunch in the company cafeteria, and riding in an elevator.

Runtime: 11 Min.

  • Program Outline
  • Background
  • During the Earthquake
  • After the Shaking Stops
  • Drop, Cover and Hold On
  • Exceptions to "Drop, Cover, and Hold On"
  • Common Myths About Earthquakes

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