Fit Testing Under New NIOSH Standards (Waste Management)

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The new fit testing standards establishes the new filtering efficiency and performance criteria for all non-powered, air-purifying, particulate-filter respirators. A good fit testing program is necessary to make sure the respirator will not leak under normal use and working conditions. The new standard allows respirator users to continue using and purchasing air-purifying particulate-filter respirators certified under the old standards. This program will explain the new rules and procedures for proper fit testing of respiratory equipment.

Topics included in this safety video are: select the respirator, negative and positive pressure checks, seal checks, different types of respirators, filtering respirators, respirator use, limitations of respirator use, routine and emergency uses of respirators, breathing air quality for atmosphere supplying respirators, filtering facepiece, SCBA, and respirator maintenance.

Course Outline

  • Fit Testing Respirators
  • General Requirements
  • Self Checks
  • Documentation

Runtime: 17 Min.

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