Hotel Safety Series - Bomb Threat Procedures

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The public is becoming more aware of violence and potential destruction of property and physical harm. Law enforcement alone cannot do the job - it's up to all of us to do our part. Training and awareness will make homes and workplaces safer and secure. This program is only a guide in knowing what to do if there is a bomb threat. It's important that you follow the organization's policy and procedures.

Key Words: Hotel Safety, Bomb Threat Procedures, Public Awareness, Violence, Destruction and Physical Harm, Law Enforcement, Training and Awareness, Secure Environments, Safety Video, Safety Training, Safety DVD.

Course Outline

  • Types of Threats
  • Safety Procedures
  • Phone Threats
  • Written Threats
  • Evacuation
  • Explosions

Runtime: 19 Min.

WITH PURCHASE OF ANY ENGLISH DVD YOU WILL RECEIVE A FREE WRITTEN MATERIAL CD-Rom. The CD-ROM of written materials may include: Leaders Guides, Questions and Answers, Manuals, and Power Points. Contents vary depending on program.

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