Introduction To Workplace Safety

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Danger can come in different ways accidents in vehicles or danger from earthquakes or crime. If your family is not provided for and they are suffering, then no one feels good and it's difficult to be happy at home and work. In the workplace, everyone has the same goal. Safety earns your respect; it is your responsibility to work with a team spirit to be accident-free. This program will demonstrate that safety can be your friend and can help you live a better life for you and your family.

Topics covered in this safety video include: workplace team, regulations and policies, safety at work, and attitude.

  • Family as the core value of beliefs
  • Words and Actions for Safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Why it's Important (reducing machismo effect)
  • Team Effort for Safety, overcoming barriers to safety
  • Ask Questions if You Don't Understand
  • Overcoming obstacles of safety behavior

Runtime: 10 Min. Each, 22 Min. Total

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