Jump Start Your Battery Safety (Waste Management)

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A car battery is a rechargeable cell in the starting-lighting-ignition variety of batteries. Lead acid batteries are the oldest style of rechargeable batteries. A high power output of a car battery is necessary to supply a high current draw needed for the engine starter. This program covers battery care, maintenance, jump-starting and much more with an emphasis on safety.

Topics included in this safety video are: basic safety tips, basic problems, using a regular charger, jump charging a dead battery, basic battery maintenance, clean battery and terminals, battery storage, replace battery cables, recycling old batteries, other battery information, and exploding batteries.

Course Outline

  • How the Battery Operates
  • Challenges
  • Regular Charger
  • Jump Starting a Dead Battery
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Battery Safety
  • Battery Explosion

Runtime: 12 Min.

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