Primer on Field Ergonomics (Construction)


Cumulative trauma injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and back pain often result from awkward and repetitive use of the hands, wrists, legs, feet, neck and back. Many workers utilize only a select group of muscles for the entire day, causing fatigue, repetitive motion injuries and other cumulative trauma conditions. Quite often, many of these injuries are classified as overexertion. You may think that overexertion means to lift a heavy object, but that's not what overexertion really means. Overexertion occurs from working the muscles past normal fatigue often resulting in an injury.

Topics discussed in this video include: causes of injuries, ways of physically preparing to work, lifting and handling loads, manholes and vaults, meters, jackhammers, valve operation, shoveling, working around vehicles and equipment, field ergonomic tools and safety equipment.

Runtime: 16 min.

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