Procedures For Provisional Ballot Voting

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Many people arrive at the polls on Election Day only to find their name missing from the voter list. Even though these individuals may believe they are registered to vote, they discover that through the process of purging voter records, a recent change of address without notifying the election office or simple clerical mistakes, their name is not on the registration rolls. The Officer of Elections is responsible for the conduct of all elections being held at the polling place and is subject of the direction of the county of election commission in the performance of such duties. This program provides instructions to be followed by Election Day precinct officials when issuing a provisional ballot.

Topics included in this safety video are: A determination must be made as to whether the individual is: Registered to vote at another precinct and therefore is not a provisional voter or the person attempted to register through one of the agencies listed under the National Voter Registration Act or Is not registered at all and did not make any attempt to register. The voter will sign a special signature list for provisional voters and will then follow the instructions of the provision ballot judge.

Runtime: 12 Min.

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