Residential Operations

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Driving in the cities and suburbs can present many increased risks for you as a driver. Streets may be narrow, traffic congested, and more starts/stops involved. It's important that you stay alert, slow down, and drive defensively. This program focuses on residential pick up of solid waste, the hazards you can expect to encounter, and best practices to avoid and prevent accidents while on the job.

Topics Included in this safety video are: responsibilities (driver and helper), residential pick-up, manual pick-up, safe manual lifting, automated pick-up, backing, truck fires, and landfill.

Course Outline

  • Driver and Helper Responsibilities
  • Residential Pick-Up
  • Manual Pick-Up
  • Safe Manual Lifting
  • Automated Pick-Up
  • Baking
  • Truck Fires
  • Landfill
  • Summary

Runtime: 11 Min.

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