Respirator Selection (Schools)

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Respirator Selection -Anyone wearing a respirator must be trained and authorized by the company in several different areas such as how to put on and take off the respirator. We call that donning and doffing. The process is simple, but it does require some basic knowledge, which we'll now review.

Topics include: Respirator Selection, Pressure Seal Check, Types of Respirators, Filtering Respirators, Respirator Use, Respirator Use Limitations, Routine & Emergency Uses of Respirators, Atmosphere-Supplying Respirators

Runtime: 30 Min.

  • Program Outline
  • Respirator Selection
  • Pressure Seal Check
  • Types of Respirators
  • Filtering Respirators
  • Respirator Use
  • Respirator Use Limitations
  • Routine and Emergency Uses of Respirators
  • Atmosphere-Supplying Respirators
  • Filtering Face-Piece
  • SCBA & Respirator Maintenance

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