Sensitivities and Protocols For Voters With Disabilities

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Sensitivities And Protocols For Voters With Disabilities - This program is dedicated to helping election officials understand how to make voting as easy and accessible as possible for voters with disabilities. We hope that it will help you as you accommodate voters with disabilities. The title of the program is Sensitivities and Protocols. Election officials must be sensitive to the needs of voters with disabilities in order to ensure that the voting process is accessible. It is not necessary for election officials to be experts about the different types of disabilities in order to provide good customer service to people with disabilities during the voter registration process and on election day. The goal of the problem is to make sure you are aware that people have many different kinds of disabilities and understand how to provide service to voters with disabilities based upon their disability-related needs, if any.

Topics included in this safety video are: the basics, accommodations, and disabilities.

Runtime: 13 Min.

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