Sexual Harassment Training Videos


The sexual harassment training package includes 4 videos and a CD-Rom of written materials.


2005A Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

In order to be productive and to do the best job they could do, they must have a working environment free from discrimination. What exactly is sexual harassment? In this program, we'll define what sexual harassment is, give you tips on how to recognize sexually harassing behavior, and advise you on what you should do if you're a victim of sexual harassment. 

2025A Sexual Harassment - What Employees Need To Know  

Sexual harassment is against the law and your company's policy. Under federal law, sexual harassment is an unwelcome sexual advance, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature requiring the employee to consent as a condition of employment.

2026A Sexual Harassment - What Your Managers Need To Know  

As a manager, you can help stop Sexual Harassment before it gets started. In the employee video, you learned the definition of Sexual Harassment, and that Sexual Harassment is against the law and should be reported immediately. You also learn that retaliation for reporting Sexual Harassment is prohibited. In this video, you will know what to do about Sexual Harassment.

2020A Sexual Harassment - An Investigator's Guide  

After the interviews are completed, the investigator will examine the objective facts in order to reach a conclusion. These facts include: whether the complaint was raised in a timely manner, if not why? Whether similar complaints had been raised previously; the motivation for the complainant as to fabricate the story; the motivation for the alleged harasser to deny the incidents, whether anything of substance claimed by the complainant or the alleged harasser was proven to be untrue.

Package includes CD-ROM of Written Materials

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