Shift Work - Preventing Fatigue

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Shift Work Preventing Fatigue program focuses on understanding fatigue from shift work and procedures to cope with change. Surveys show that shift workers are chronically deprived of sleep and this group has approximately twice as many automobile accidents as regular 9 to 5 day workers. Inattentiveness and loss of alertness are among the most important contributors to human error. Experience and statistics have shown that human error is the primary cause of 85% to 98% of accidents and injuries. People who work rotating shifts suffer a higher rate of illness and death than day shift workers.

Key Words: Shift Work Fatigue, Surveys, Procedures to Cope With Change, Shift Work Deprived of Sleep, Shift Workers Chronically Deprived of Sleep, Twice as Many Automobile Accidents, Inattentiveness, Loss of Alertness, Accident and Injuries Causes, Human Error, High Rate of Illness and Death, Safety Video, Safety Training, Safety DVD.

Runtime: 15 Min.

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