Supervisor Leadership - Improving Immigrant Worker Performance

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Misunderstandings, poor communications and decreasing productivity are the leading causes of these challenges resulting in accidents, injuries, illnesses and, of course, lower efficiency and productivity. It is the supervisor's responsibility to develop the immigrant worker as safe and effective employees. This program is designed to explain how native supervisors and management can improve the assimilation of immigrant workers into the workplace.

Key Words: Supervisor Leadership, Improving Immigrant Worker Performance, Improve Assimilation of Immigrant Workers, Misunderstanding, Poor Communications, Decreasing Productivity, Understanding the Workforce, Help Immigrants to be Better Employees, Safety Video, Safety Training, Safety DVD.

Course Outline

  • The Immigrant Workforce
  • Understanding Immigrants
  • Tips for Employers
  • Productivity and Safety
  • Latino Team
  • Supervisors and Managers

Runtime: 23 Min.

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