What Happens When I Die? (Autopsy) (Health Care)

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What Happens When I Die? (Autopsy) program is not about rules, regulations, policies, or procedures to keep you safe. Safety is really common sense and you use safety at home, at school, during recreation, at work, and when you're driving, so you probably understand the rules. Most everyone understands the motivation behind safety, which is accident and injury prevention. Generally, most of us don't always consider the consequences of making unsafe or poor choices in our actions. What we want to do today in this short program is to give you a very graphic understanding of the potential consequences of ignoring safety. There won't be any exams at the end of this program. Your decision to take short cuts or not follow safety rules has consequences. The consequences could be minor first aid or just a bump or bruise, but then again, it could mean death. This program is extremely graphic and it's intended to be so. Death is serious, death is permanent. We believe it's important to see what happens when someone dies, to hopefully make a permanent impression on you, which may direct your behavior to greater safety awareness.

Key Words: Autopsy, Safety, Ignoring Safety, Death, Safety Video, Safety Training, Safety DVD.

Runtime: 15 Min.

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