What Is Carelessness?

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What Is Carelessness? - Carelessnessshould never be used asthe cause of any accident. You need to determine the cause of all accidents and that means investigating the accident. There are always definable causes to accidents. The misuse of the word 'careless' indicates a human factor that contributed to an accident. What does 'careless' mean? Care-less...if that's the meaning, careless about what - accidents, injuries, other employees? No, caring less was not the cause. What we're leading up to is trying to redefine the many things supervisors and employees label as carelessness.

Key Words: Carelessness, Cause of Accident, Care Less, Investigate the Accident, Definable Causes, Employee Label as Carelessness, Misuse of Careless, Safety Awareness, Safety Video, Safety Training, Safety DVD.

Course Outline

  • Carelessness
  • Summary

Runtime: 4 Min.

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